Core objective of the company is to help customers to sell more through attractive packaging. FIPCO specializes in high barrier laminates with aluminum foil and coated films and has wide range of packaging material for below products:-

  • Tomato Ketchup, Dressing, Tomato paste

  • Dry powder - Milk, Juice, Spices, Flour

  • Beverages - Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic

  • Pasta, Spaghetti, Macaroni

  • Soap and Detergent - liquid and powder

  • Sugar, Rice, Pulses, Nuts, Breakfast cereals

  • Sweet, Confectionery, Biscuit and Bakery items

  • Pet Food, Tobacco and Molasses

  • Frozen Food - Vacuum pack and non Vacuum Pack

  • Snack Food - Crisp, Chips and extruded products


Our product line is carefully engineered keeping in view the product characteristics, shelf life expectancy and requisite mechanical strength of the packaging.

The client profile for our laminates range from the Biscuit, Confectionary and Snack Food Industry to Frozen and Processed Food.Additionally, we cater to the Culinary, Beverages and Dairy Industry, as well as to the Pharmaceuticals, Personal care and Detergent manufacturers.

Center sealed pouches:- A center sealed pouch helps economise the packaging cost as opposed to a 4 side seal.
Retort Grade Pouches:- Retort Grade Pouches can withstand extreme conditions of heat, pressure and pasteurization. This keeps its contents free of microbiological contamination.

Unmatched benefit for packaging granulated, powdered, liquid products which require a premium shelf appeal. Our “handle” design facilitates carriage conveniences.

Customised laminates of various substrates ranging from PET, Paper, foil, Nylon, BOPP, etc. are converted in to reel form, best suited for high speed FFS machines.

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