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Quality is not just a promise, it’s a way of life for us.


Delivered through our processes, quality controls and material section.


"We will do it". You can depend on us to deliver.

  • Vision : Continue to retain and Grow the TRUST of our customers and business partners.
  • Mission : Helping customers bring their products to the market in the shortest possible time and accomplish all tasks offered by them with a sense of care and urgency.









Key Markets and Geographies Covered

Message from the Chairman’s Desk

When our founding fathers’ cast the foundation stone of FIPCO, they also cast a business philosophy with it for future generations of leadership to follow. They set a guiding principle for us that,”we must always strive to retain and grow the TRUST of our customers, suppliers and employees alike”.

Over the decades, as the business environment evolved, and our operating world became globalised and competitive. We fostered an environment that emphasised on working with a sense of urgency and personalised care for our customers. Today, we are proud to have continued this incredible journey of growth and have retained this essence of Omani culture and heritage in our business dealings.

We at FIPCO, not only have great technical capabilities but also, the passion to help our customers and serve them quickly & in a cost-effective manner on any kind of product packaging challenges they might face in their businesses.

As long-term partners we continue to design and serve the market with innovative packaging solutions and offer full range technical consulting services to maximize the value of our products. Thus, giving our clients’ a competitive edge in the market.

“Reliable quality, customised service and fast paced innovation are the key pillars of our account management strategy. We remain committed to help our customers navigate the complexities of a very competitive market and be a part of their success.”

“At the core, our job is to offer a competitive edge to our customers, in the marketplace”