The COVID 19 pandemic has challenged all normal’s and has forced the entire human race to pause and re think almost everything. We have had to change processes and SOP’s in almost all walks of our lives.

One of our long term customer approached us with the challenge to develop packaging for a sachet (one time – use and throw) medical grade, pre-operative hand rub for use by doctors/staff in the OT. And, a uniquely designed stick swabfor preoperative skin preparation.

Team FIPCO realized that this small innovation had very high potential to save lives of our heroic front line warriors ( doctors and nurses) in their fight against COVID 19 and  our R&D team immediately swung in to action. Through innovative thinking we not only designed the laminates, but also, conducted successful packing machine trials to get the product out in a short span of time.

We are proud that we are also playing our part and are keeping our front line COVID warriors safe by being able to  give them added protection, under a new normal for the medical professionals.